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Seagate Exos X 5U84 - RAID System UP TO 84 HDD/SSD SYSTEM

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Maximum Capacity and Consistent High Performance. Up to 1.3PB 1 of data in a single 5U enclosure with throughputs reaching 7GB/s sequential read, and 5.5GB/s sequential write and up to 99.999% high
availability. Easily expand to accommodate data proliferation with three additional Exos X 5U84 systems for a total capacity of 2PB

Cost-Optimized Architecture. This flexible solution is perfect for businesses with demanding streaming environments that require high read and write throughput, while still needing
considerable storage space. Built to ensure all space is used to its maximum potential, application access to data is virtually instantaneous, ensuring IT and end users can work efficiently.

Easy to Set Up, Maintain, and Expand. All system components—the enclosure, the controller, the firmware, and the drives—are developed and optimized by our engineers to work
together seamlessly. This reduces support calls and eliminates technical learning curves. Modular architecture makes components interchangeable between systems, and upgrades
are simple due to common FRUs, PCMs, controllers and software.

Get Data to Applications Fast and Protect Valuable Assets. This system is full of features that enable applications to access data with up to a 99.999% availability design. Parallel
architecture, multi-core processing, data replication, and fast streaming make access to data unfettered, while exclusive Seagate ADAPT data protection technology delivers fast
drive rebuilds that virtually eliminate system downtime.

Build In Security at the Foundation of the Data Life Cycle. Protect the most valuable business assets with Seagate Secure™ cybersecurity features and intelligent firmware
—such as SFTP, SED support, and administrator access controls—that provide builtin security measures for reliable and safe file access, transfer, and management


Brand Seagate
Server Model Exos X 5U84 - RAID System
Form Factor 5U RACK
4005/5005 Controller Performance 7GB/s read throughput | 5.5GB/s write throughput
Expansion BODs J1284 (5U84) | Maximum of 3× 5U84 EBODs
Advanced Features Thin provisioning | Snapshots | Asynchronous replication
High-Availability Features Redundant hot-swap controllers | Redundant hot-swap drives, fans, power | Dual power cords | Hot standby spare |
Automatic failover | Multi-path support
Device Support SAS HDD | NL-SAS HDD | SAS SSD
Data Protection Seagate ADAPT | RAID levels supported: 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, and 50
System Configuration (84, 3.5-in devices) Up to 84 drives per chassis | 1344TB max capacity per chassis (based on 16TB HDDs)
Physical Height: 222.3mm / 8.75 in | Width: 444.5mm / 17.5 in | Depth: 981mm / 38.63 in | Width w/ear mounts: 483mm / 19.01 in |
RBOD weight: 82kg / 180 lb | RBOD weight (with drives): 135kg / 298 lb | EBOD weight: 80kg / 175 lb | EBOD weight (with
drives): 130kg / 287 lb
External Ports 8 per system
Fibre Channel Models Host speed: 16Gb/s, 8Gb/s Fibre Channel | Interface type: SFP+
iSCSI Models Host speed: 10Gb/s, 1Gb/s iSCSI | Interface type: SFP+
SAS Models Host speed: 12Gb/s, 6Gb/s SAS | Interface type: HD Mini-SAS
System Configuration  
System Memory 16GB per system (4005), 32GB per system (5005)
Volumes per System 1024
Cache Mirrored cache: Yes | Supercapacitor cache backup: Yes | Cache backup to flash: Yes – nonvolatile
Interface Types 10/100/1000 Ethernet, Mini USB
Protocols Supported SNMP, SSL, SSH, SMTP, HTTP(S)
Management Consoles Web GUI, CLI
Management Software Seagate Systems storage management console | Remote diagnostics | Nondisruptive updates | Volume expansion
Power Requirements-AC Input  
Input Power Requirements 180VAC-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Max Power Output per PSU 2200W
Environmental/Temperature Ranges  
Operating/Nonoperating Temperature ASHRAE A2, 5°C to 35°C (41°F to 95°F), derate 1°C/300m above 900m, 20°C/hr max rate of change /–40°C to 70°C (–40°F to 158°F)

Operating/Nonoperating Humidity –12°C DP and 10% RH to 21°C DP and 80% RH, max DP 21°C / 5% to 100% noncondensing
Operating/Nonoperating Shock 5 Gs, 10ms, half sine pulses / 15 Gs, 10ms, half sine pulses
Operating/Nonoperating Vibration 0.21 Gs rms 5Hz to 500Hz random / 1.04 Gs rms 2Hz to 200Hz random
Safety Certifications UL 60950-1 (United States) | CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.60950-1-07 (Canada) | EN 60950-1 (European Union) | IEC 60950-1
(International) | CCC (China PRC – CCC Power Supplies) | BIS (India – BIS Power Supplies)
Ecodesign Commission Regulation (EU) 2019/424 (Directive 2009/125/EC)
Emissions (EMC) FCC CFR 47 Part 15 Subpart B Class A (United States) | ICES/NMB-003 Class A (Canada) | EN 55032 Class A, EN 55024,
EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3 (Europe) | AS/NZS CISPR 32 Class A (Australia/New Zealand) | VCCI Class A (Japan) | KN 32
Class A/KN 35 (S. Korea) | CNS 13438 Class A (Taiwan)
Standard Marks/Approvals North America (FCC, UL, cUL, ICES/NMB-003 Class A), Europe (CE), China (CCC – PSU only), Taiwan (BSMI), Korea
(KC), Japan (VCCI), Australia/New Zealand (RCM – formerly C-tick)
Harmonics EN 61000-3-2 (EU)
Flicker EN 61000-3-3 (EU)
Immunity EN 55024 (EU) | KN 24/KN 35 (S. Korea)
Environmental Standards The RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU) | The WEEE Directive (2012/19/EU) | The REACH Directive (EC/1907/2006) | The
Batteries Directive (2006/66/EC)
Standard Marks/Approvals Australia/New Zealand (RCM), Canada (cUL/ICES/NMB-003 Class A), China (CCC – PSU only), European Union (CE),
Japan (VCCI), South Korea (KC), Taiwan (BSMI), United States (FCC/UL)
Warranty 5-Year Warranty


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